The apartment is located in an elegant building in Porta Romana, a central neighbourhood of Milan, and was born from the client’s need to expand and renovate two existent bathrooms and have a better interior arrangement.
The entrance leads to a long hallway with vaulted ceiling and moulded profiles, enhanced by two lateral beams of light. The living part opens with a dining area, characterized by an enlightened recess in the wall. In the sitting room has been designed a custom-made bookcase in plasterboard, in which the choice to stagger the shelves and add the detail of the wooden containers has been made to create a game of movements on the wall, otherwise too static.

Particular attention has been devoted to the bathrooms where the careful selection of colours and finishings wants to emphasize the elegance of the lines.
The neutral colors and natural oak flooring help to create a comfortable, warm and classy space.

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