DnA associates

DnA associates is a creative and young studio managed by Arnaldo Puglia & Camillo Maggi both designers. They opened, in 2009, DnA associates studio that leads them in a few years to work in the field of architecture and design for a variety of businesses and private clients, developing concepts that range from restaurants, to exhibitions, private apartments. DnA associates takes his inspiration mainly from experimental design, combined with an accurate materials research that, through innovative solutions, is the key to develop unusual concepts and creative spaces. These continuous research frequently turns into a contamination between design and other artistic expressions, and thanks to this symbiosis new experimentation fields can take place.

DnA associates activity has the aim to erode the barriers between  architecture, art and design, also showing a considerable interest for industrial buildings reconversion a reutilization. DnA associates interventions can be classified in private spaces design, trade spaces design,  interior design and exhibition areas set-up. Visual communication assumes an essential role in DnA associates way of thinking, becoming that way the main vehicle of his creative ideas’ distribution.

Associate partners

arnaldo bnArnaldo Puglia was born in Bari, since childhood he felt the need to experiment always new challenges both in terms of education and personal. In 2000 he came to define his turning point moving to Milan and enrolling at IED where he graduated in 2004 in Interior Design. Later he attended a Master Course in Interior & Living Design at Domus Academy, earning his degree in 2006. As soon as he graduated he worked in some architecture and design studios in Milan, the most prominent among them is Metrogramma, where he got the most important part of his knowledges in architecture and design world.


camillo bnCamillo Maggi was born in Piacenza, he spent his childhood in Milan where later he completed his studies at IED, graduating in 2004 in industrial design. In the same year he moved to London where he began his work, and his research in the Industrial Design field working at major architecture and design studios. In this period he had the chance to work with emerging designers that leaded him to develop a significant cultural baggage. In 2007 he came back to Milan and he collaborated with a Japanese design studio, which formed him permanently for what concerns materials research and cleanliness in forms.