Beauty Beach Villa Bari



Obtained by a villa of the 70s in the surroundings of Bari, this luxury B&B is the result of a careful design to meet the customer’s needs, who required a public space committed to a high-end target. The outside consists of a private garden with a direct access to the beach, defined by natural materials such as raw wood and stone, which oppose to metal and plastic in the furniture. From here we move to the inside, where there are seven luxury suites in which a modern style dominates, with clean lines, neutral colours and light systems integrated into furniture, such as bed frames and in view showers. As for materials, the choice was based on their stability in the course of time, such as stoneware tile floors and ceramics that recall the colours of the sea. They are not sensitive to environmental factors, such as saltiness and rust given by the proximity to the sea. The result is an elegant and luxury location, but at the same time a relaxing space, perfectly integrated with the context.