FoodArt Milan



This location is the result of the complete restyling of an old restaurant located in one of the most important areas of nightlife in Milan: Navigli. Taken over by the young chef Matteo Torretta, we wanted to create in this restaurant a space that reveal his cooking idea: modern, minimalist, contemporary, but at the same time close to tradition, to the connection with the land and its genuine products. Thus the concept of Foodart was developed, defined by a strong communication between the dining room and the open plan kitchen, that is the real heart of the restaurant, to allow customers to follow all stages of the preparation of the dishes, but also to passers-by, thanks to its position, in front the entrance. For what concerns the choice of furnishings, the texture of olive wood used for tables is the predominant one and refers to the olive tree at the entrance, icon of the restaurant. The chosen seats are all design-chairs but all different from each other; that contributes to give dynamism to the space, together with lights, which are intentionally reduced to a colourful and essential tangle of lamps.